December 13, 2018

Travel Clubs – Dunfermline (24 Sep)

On Saturday 24th September, St Mirren head to ‘The Kingdom of Fife’ for a Ladbrokes Championship match-up with Dunfermline Athletic at East End Park.

We are now looking for information on supporters’ buses which will be going to East End Park for the match.

If you wish to have your bus included on the list please send your info to and we’ll make sure it gets online!


Cockles Wilson Supporters Bus

The bus will leave at 3:30pm for Dunfermline.

Bus tickets are on sale in The Bankhouse.


Tile Bar Supporters Bus

The bus for the game away to Dunfermline will leave at 3:30pm.

Bus tickets are now on sale in the bar.


North End Travel Club

Owing to the holiday weekend and the later kick-off time The North End Travel Club are sharing a bus with the Chivas Club to Dunfermline.

The bus will leave the Court Bar at 3:00pm.


Chivas Travel Club

The bus for Dunfermline will leave the Court Bar at 3:00 pm.

We are sharing the bus with the North End Club therefore a very limited number of non members seats are available.

Please contact the Court Bar if you require a seat.