January 17, 2019

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Over the years, St.Mirren have competed in a variety of competitions, starting from local events and progressing to national and European tournaments. Some have played a large part in the development of the club we know today. There have also been some one off tournaments and tours that St.Mirren have participated in.

Here is a brief summary of the major competitions that Saints have been involved in.

Scottish Football League

The SFL was formed in 1890-91 with Saints as one of eleven founder members. Initially there was only one Division.

Unofficial Division two formed. No automatic promotion/relegation
Clubs finishing bottom were able to seek re-election to the top league.
In 23 years of this set-up only nine teams were ever voted out!1915-16
Division two suspended for the duration of First World War.1921-22
Division Two restarts under SFL control.
Automatic promotion/relegation introduced with 2up-2down.1923-24
Division Three introduced.1926-27
Division Three suspended

All SFL divisions suspended for duration of World War Two.
Western League formed by clubs in West of Scotland.

Southern League and North Eastern League introduced.
Saints play in Southern league.

Scottish league resumes with two Divisions A and B.

Leagues re-named Division One and Two.

League re-organisation sees three divisions. Premier First and Second.

League extended to four ten team divisions. Premier First Second and Third Division.

Scottish Premier League formed out with SFL control.
SFL continues with divisions One Two and Three.

Scottish Cup

The Scottish Cup was first competed for in 1873-74 Saints first competed in season 1880-81 The format has always been a straight knockout competition. It is open to all senior clubs in Scotland and also the best of the non-league clubs from each regional League.

Emergency War Cup

The Emergency War Cup was introduced as an extra competition during the Second World War. It was played as a group competition with each team playing each other home and away. The winner of each group progressed to a knockout phase

Summer Cup

Formed as an additional competition during World war Two. A two legged knock-out competition. It was revived for two seasons in the 1960’s, but was not a success.

Scottish League Cup

The League Cup was formed from the remnants of the War League Cup and took the same format. In 1977-78 the format changed to a straight knockout competition. 1981-82 and 1982-83 saw the competition revert back to the original format. 1983-84 saw two knock-out round prior to the league sections with group winners playing in the semi finals. Since 1984-85 the competition has been played on a straight knock-out basis.

Drybrough Cup

The Drybrough Cup was introduced in 1971 and was open to all Scottish League clubs, based upon top scorers. St.Mirren competed in 1972-73, 73-74 and 1980-81.

Anglo Scottish Cup

The ASC was introduced in 1970 as the Texaco cup and open to clubs from Scotland, England and Ireland. It was revised in 1975, without Irish clubs, and renamed the Anglo Scottish Cup. Saints competed in three seasons, 1977-78, 1978-79 and 1979-80.

League Challenge Cup.

The League Challenge Cup was first played for in 1990-91 as the Centenary Cup. It was renamed the following season and is open to all clubs out with the Premier League. St.Mirren first competed in 1992-93.


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